Tiny Dots

I’ve always wondered what those tiny dots were when one looks at the sky on a bright day…http://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/blue-sky-tiny-dots-swirls/


My Dad looking out to a beautiful, bright day whilst we were walking the dogs



Since I’ve been back home I haven’t had a chance to sit down and immerse myself in artwork: whether it’s painting, sketching or hand building. And after a couple of weeks without throwing, I miss it! Hand building will fill the void.
Today I’m going to make a start.

An insightful lecture about William Morris

Mindmaps from my journal

Mindmaps from my journal

Art. That wonderful, frustrating three letter word. What do I think Art is? Is Crafts equally important? Previously, I would say no, as “crafts” conjured images of card-making. sewing and QVC. But now I understand, thanks to Jeff Jones’ lecture that Art & Crafts was a whole movement in society. Pioneered by William Morris, Britian’s saviour from the industrial revolution. He once said “We manufacture everything apart from men.” Which was becoming the case. During the 1800s, Britain was thriving fro The East India Trading Company. Things were being made elsewhere… the workmanship of a single person was being ignored and credited to machines and factories.
Morris popularised the view that “It is not possible to disassociate Art from morality, politics and religion” So in other words, Art is a response to the world around us.


I haven’t posted any images from my journal recently… Since I write most of my notes in there, I feel it’s important to share these as they show my thoughts visually in a way text written in “this” way can’t…