Banksy is one of those people-the mystery that surround him, his unknown identity- who is just simply cool. There’s something so enticing about going against the grain, pushing boundaries. Seeing how far you can go until you are physically stopped. And he has a sly way of doing it. Jealous.How many people can you name who are famous but are anonymous?With social networking around it is increasingly harder to be unrecognisable.

His work questions what I’m focusing on for my city project. Restriction. In his book, Wall and Piece he writes

“I like to think I have the guts to stand up anonymously in a western democracy and call for things no-one else believes in- like peace and justice and freedom.”

This is what Art is about! This is why I called my blog Freedom Through Art. By pushing boundaries Banksy is essentially breaking free society.

 'Banksy Wall and Piece', page 52

‘Banksy Wall and Piece’, page 52


‘Banksy Wall and Piece’, page 55


Street Art, Public Art



Took these photographs in London last year, and I thought I’d put them on here as they relate to my city project.
I’m going to London tomorrow too so there will be plenty more photos to take and things to sketch.
It’s so easy to find inspiration, you just have to look around!

Raku Process


Wobbly Pots

Raku Process

Attempting to throw and not centring the clay properly resulted in these wobbly quirky little pots. One could argue they’re not technically sound, but I rather like them… And because they are a ‘happy accident'(as I like to call it) I thought the best way to glaze them would be with Raku, since the nature of this type of firing is the randomist of them all.

Good Design etc


This gallery contains 10 photos.

Two weeks a go, I attended the first of my term 2 lectures by Dr Clive Cazeaux. We looked at The ‘Death’ of Art, Design, Authorship and being Human. I found this article on the Brain Pickings blog which discusses … Continue reading

Playing around with Raku Glazes

After Duncan suggesting to us first years that we need to have more fun with the material and try and experiment… It seemed perfect that I wanted to look at Raku glazing.
We’ve all been caught up in our City projects and some of us (me included) have put “making” to the side. Duncan reminded us that it’s through process which we can get our inspiration. After all this degree is Ceramics so it’s material led!
Here are a few piccies of the pieces I’m glazing.


I thought these would be good shapes to try out rake glazes on as I can see what the finish is like on both flat and curved pieces


Copper Gloss Glaze
On some of the pieces a layer of White Crackle has been added over a coat of copper gloss


Just like I applied Copper Gloss first on my pieces in the picture before, I put a layer of White Crackle on first.

Initially brushed the glaze on all the pieces, then after looking at the application of the white crackle on the large heart, the layer looked too thin. Matt pointed out that I wouldn’t get a good ‘crackle’ if there wasn’t a thick enough layer. So, I sprayed a few coats of glaze on after. I did the same with the inside of this pot…


Eternal Reverence

So, after last week’s lecture, I have concluded that so far, Nietzche is my favourite philosopher¬†I’ve learnt about over constellation… What is it about his theories which I’m drawn to?

He said ¬†that self consciousness requires “eternal reverence”: Everything we think and do is both now and always. (Roger Scruton, Philosophy: Principles an Problems, p 164)

I think it’s because I can relate to the idea that we are in a constant state of transformation. As The Black Eyed Peas called their album; The E. N. D (2009), meaning The Energy Never Dies, just have a listen to their music over the past 10 years and see how they’ve evolved. We are always growing, the weather changes from sunny to rainy- and back again, it’s a cycle of life. Even when someone dies, they leave something about them for the living to connect with, like memories!


Notes from the lecture, I always seem to mind map out of habit now- it kind of tracks my thought processes.


3D printing

Can you believe this was printed out?

Can you believe this was printed out?

I am so excited from the workshop I went to yesterday! My creative ideas are flowing, I’ve never been so inspired by a piece of digital technology before…
Keith-the technical demonstrator- showed us what software we’d need to use(Rhino, SketchUp etc) to create a 3D print and how to set up the printer- A MakerBot Replicator 2
Here is a selection of photos I took during the demonstration

The finished result, as you can see is a bracelet! The design came (+ a selection of others like a nut and bolt and a comb) with the MakerBot printer. You may wonder what the material is… It’s corn starch, which comes as cord on a reel, -similar to thread and a sewing machine- melted and sent through a nozzle then “printed” out, layer by layer.
It’s got me thinking, who’s to say 3D printing can’t involve other materials?Surely, in the near future, could these machines make digital items? From printing the electronics to the shell of an object! The possibilities are endless.