Pottery in the garden

Whilst going through all the things I’ve accumulated over the last 6 months + I’ve realised how many pots I have which I simply have no place in the house to put them! Plus my mum will not allow me to fill up any more space with my artwork, as she has enough of it in the house anyway!

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Race for life and punting!

So yesterday was a busy one. Especially for a Sunday! Mum and I did the Race For Life in the morning! Mum was fab: she finished it in 40 minutes, which is awesome since she was a non-runner a couple of months ago. I walked it, finishing in 1 hour. I’ve had a hard couple of weeks recently, I’ve been in and out of hospital like a yo yo. Mum said to me I didn’t have to do it, but I was determined! Even if I did walk it, at least I did it: it’s for a very good cause!

Yesterday was also the first time I’d ever been punting! And I’ve lived in Oxford all my life! Better late than never I suppose!
We were lucky enough to use Oxford university’s boats and devour our picnic in their grounds by the river. A little terrifying at first, I stepped in the boat cautiously, keeping my body low to keep my weight as evenly distributed as possible! I then settled comfortably on the a seat. There were 5 of us sat in one boat- 4 in the seats, and one perched on the end. Then, of course, the other end was where the ‘designated driver’ stood. Off we went! After bumping into the bank a dozen times, we’d finally got the hang of it. And I must say it was very relaxing (towards the end!) sitting in the little boat. What a beautiful place Oxford is!

Unfortunately I don’t have any photographs of us punting…although I had my phone on me, I didn’t think to get it out to take pictures. Maybe it was my subconscious fear of dropping it into the depths of the river. Anyhow, I’m planning to draw the outing by memory.