Dissertation Prep… Say what?!

My area of interest for writing my dissertation lies with sustainability… Since our field project, Agent For Change, it’s really made me question whether ceramics is a sustainable material or process…  How could ceramics be used for sustainability? We live in a world which is exhausting its resources. Humanity are at their own demise… Sustainable design is the future if we want a future.

There it is. That’s how far I’ve got. The next step is research, research and more research…



I had a fabulous tutorial with Claire `Curneen today. I feel inspired now. Ive been meandering along for a while now, the field project we have just finished grounded me but I haven’t been doing much work ceramics wise. I’ve found it difficult to create work knowing that i don’t want to be in a studio for 12 hours a day after I graduate. Honestly I don’t want to just make artwork to place in a gallery. I want to get my hands stuck in with a project. To make a difference. Then Claire pointed out, won’t your artwork make a difference? Making artwork is making a point, a point to be observed and criticised.

We discussed my many sources of inspiration, from India, to my dreams, to starling murmurations… It’s really got my thoughts going and Claire has encouraged me to put up different images in my studio space. I spoke a lot about Dawn Youll’s work at an exhibition at the Marsden Woo Gallery.. and then Claire said, why haven’t you got any images of her work? Which is a fair point! So my next task is to update my studio space!


Some of my experimental pieces I’ve made as a starting point to my escalator dream


An example of Dawn’s work. Images of her work just keep cropping up in my head when I’m thinking of what I want to do with hand building my dreams…

Let’s go to the beach beach

I went to the beach on Sunday and it was lovely.
It was funny because Rosie and I were saying it’s nice to get out of Cardiff. And then we made a joke how on Made in Chelsea the cast say things like “I just needed to get out of London”. Haha.
Anyways I forgot how much I love the outdoors. It was so good breathing in the fresh sea air and playing stepping stones on the rocks.
The main reason we went there was because Rosie needed to collect litter for a graphics project she’s doing. Interestingly enough, I started helping her. There was something nice about collecting litter on the beach; it was a peaceful, gratifying experience. As it turns out Rest Bay is a considerably clean beach.. I managed to find a large bottle and a coke can… Then I spotted these strange bamboo like pieces of wood, so I took a selection of those back with me. It would be nice to make some artwork out of them.

Mandatory pics of the beach…IMG_0629 IMG_0639 IMG_0636IMG_0704


I’m not gonna lie this field project has been challenging. It’s requiring us to think in such a different way. In a world of consumerism, we are asked to step away from the disposable generation and ask ourselves how can we create something that lasts? Something which won’t have a negative impact on our environment.

Something as simple as chucking chewing gum on to the floor. It takes years for chewing gum to breakdown, since the base is made of either plastic, wax or rubber. AN ACTION would be to change ones behaviour and swallow the gum and let it pass through you… BUT where does it go once its in the sewage system? For example, there is a massive problem with baby wipes blocking up sewage as the wipe don’t break down, therefore blocking toilets etc. A simple solution? To put them in the bin.. But is it a solution? They will then go straight to landfill. What happens to them then?
I think there is a mentality that once one chucks away their rubbish and it is taken away once a week by the bin men it’s gone for good. Of course, this isn’t true. I think deep down everyone knows this but choose to ignore the fact, since it’s not their problem. It is our problem, we need to change our behaviour. It’s the only way we can create a sustainable future.


I haven’t spoken about what I’m making within ceramics this year… But I have this idea.. Since I’ve come back home from india I have had vivid dreams of architecture. Various places such as palaces, theatres and shopping malls. I wish to make sculptures of these this term. Starting off with a wacky escalator in a shopping centre…


The way I would describe it in words would be if Thomas Heatherwick were to design a shopping mall in Dubai!

So I have this dream book which I sketch them in as soon as I wake up. Then when it comes to sculpting these visions of design I will make more detailed imagery of it in another sketchbook and draw inspiration from similar architecture/artwork.

This project will be the most surreal thing I’ve ever done art-wise. But I’m looking forward to it…


This is in Westfield London, the shopping centre was designed by Jason Forbes. I have always been fascinated by the quirky roof and tree like columns.


This is that tube stuff made of nylon thread which stretches and expands. It’s really fun. This is the type of bendiness the tubes were coming out of the escalator in my dream.