Exhibition Reflection

imageThe final hurdle of level 6 was, of course, the end of degree exhibition. I must say I seem to work well when given deadlines, rather than having a seemingly never ending project. Psychologically, it’s the journey towards the end point and the satisfaction of seeing the end result and knowing all of the hard work you have put in; that’s the kick I get out of it. I think this became prominent in my Field project last year: I feel that my Fo[u]r Rooms live interior design project- led by product design lecturer Richard Morris- provided a steady framework for this and I am pointing in the direction of design rather than art. Also when it comes to presenting final outcomes, there is a level of finish I like to attain, not dissimilar to when,for example, product designers show their final designs on a clean sheet of mount board.
It’s also taken me a while to realise and it’s only through the reflection process it has come to light: I prefer to create things that have a function. So you could say I am more of a designer than an artist.I think this is also apparent in my research for this module: some of it flicking through Elle Decoration journals and reminiscing of the time I explored step wells in India. My tile collection can be an installation, but they can also brighten up a kitchen or bathroom lending their glazed surface water proofing to a wall. They are versatile.
Time management was a crucial thing for me, due to falling ill during Easter, it was essential I had made up for lost time. Luckily I planned ahead and aimed to produce more tiles than I actually needed to allow for errors and breakages. I worked this out and measured out and mixed up all the slip I needed for this in advance: when I ran out of slip, I stopped making. Making up for lost time meant coming in during weekends, but because I had this plan to keep going until I had used up all the slip, I had a goal to work towards, and it psychologically brought the finish line that much closer.
When it came to the degree show set-up, I was concerned about time, I had to give myself an earlier deadline (Wednesday 9th May instead of Friday 12th) due to a hospital procedure on 12th. However, a problem shared really is a problem halved. The shortage of set up time wasn’t an issue when I had the help of second and first year “buddies”- Marek, Nina and Nam. Also Fine Art graduate and Inc Space member Molly Lewis has given me lots of advice over the year and offering a hand. I also appreciated the help from my boyfriend-Jake. I have learnt that it is okay to ask for help rather than struggle by myself. It has given me the confidence for when I do have my own studio space or undertaking a project and am struggling, a helping hand isn’t far away, I’ve just got to ask!
What also helped in the short time I had to set up was the fact that I had planned out my composition before I put it out the wall, taking photographs of it to refer to. I would be up the ladder being passed a tile from Nam, and then she would look at the photographed layout and direct me on where it was to go: it was a good system and something I will do again. Moreover, to make sure the tiles didn’t say to the left or right, I drew out guidelines using a spirit level and meter long ruler, although it initially took time drawing out a grid, it saved me lots of stress on the second day of set up, making the rest of tile application very quick- evidence that planning is key!


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