Plans after graduation

I have been in the education system for nearly 20 years, so I would like to have a break from education after graduation. For six months I will be working full time, saving money for travelling in January 2018.

I will be going to New Zealand, Australia and Thailand, coming back to the UK at the beginning of March. This will be a massive source of inspiration for me, a complete change of natural environment compared to the UK, there will be plenty of moments I can sketch. I am especially looking forward to going on the 90 mile beach in Auckland and exploring modern architecture- such as the Opera House- in Sydney as well as century old temples in Thailand.

I am currently researching into buying a small kiln so I can start making things at home over the weekend, on my days off.

And then next year I wish to do INC space. I feel I need a year to step back in order to re-focus; and to get a detailed business plan together.

Along with this I wish to volunteer at the Pitt Rivers museum, having sent off an application to be an object handler, I am waiting to hear back from them! This will be a brilliant place to extend my contextual ceramic knowledge as well as share my passion of the material with the public.

I am exhibitng my degree work at New Designers the following month and also  going to Hatfield in August. In preparation for this I have made business cards and my website will be complete on the day of my degree show ready for the public to look at.

The creativity never stops, I am continuing to make in the studio, as its essential I have enough stock for Hatfield. I am selling my tiles as table coasters. Because of their tessellating nature, customers can buy just 3 or more, and play with the composition, giving them the option to use their creativity and make interesting arrangements for their dining and coffee tables. imageIn the long term, it would be a dream come true to do a Ceramics residency at the V&A. About a year ago I had a really interesting chat with Amy Hughes during her open studio day. She made fantastic coil built vases, inspired by pieces from the museum. It excites me to think that I could cast century old ceramics from the V&A’s ceramics collection and use parts of them to create other objects in completely new and innovative ways.

Alos, Thomas Heatherwick is a huge source of inspiration and the projects he has done with the Heatherwick’s Studios are amazing. To have a large scale installation/sculpture in a building like he did in the Wellcome Trust headquarters with Bleigessen is the pinnacle of my goals.



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